Patrick Cieslar’s Story

  1. Update Sept. 17, 2017: Internal correspondence and memos from George Brown College during the period 2007-2008 obtained through Freedom of Information requests have revealed that indeed the emails submitted confidentially by former students to the Human Rights Advisor were shared with the Artistic Director and the administrative support worker of George Brown Theatre School, as well as the Director of the Faculty of Business and Creative Arts. I had asked the Human Rights Advisor on multiple occasions whether this was the case and she repeatedly denied it. I had asked whether emails were shared with the names and email addresses redacted and she denied this. However, by her own internal memos and correspondence we know now that this is exactly what happened. I had told her that even with the names and email addresses redacted, that the identities of the authors could be easily guessed by those in charge. In response, she denied sharing the emails. This we now know was a lie, and it is heavily documented within the Freedom of Information materials that I received. The Human Rights Advisor’s breach in confidentiality and her repeated deception in its wake, has cast a very long shadow upon the lives of many. I unreservedly apologize to every student who I ever encouraged to trust this person.
  2. Update Sept. 17, 2017: From Freedom of Information requests we now know that my suspicions were indeed very much on the mark. I just could never have imagined the full extent of it until I saw it with my own eyes. From almost the very beginning, the Artistic Director concocted and communicated through internal emails a portrayal of me that was so unbelievably bizarre and deliriously vicious; a portrayal that was so completely and obviously at odds with my words, actions, and most deeply held beliefs, that it defies explanation. It troubles me to wonder whether he did this to undermine my credibility, to falsely paint himself as a helpless victim, to derail any hope of investigation or to shirk responsibility for the harassment, discrimination and abuse which occurred for years under his actively complicit watch. Whatever the objective, his shrill and baseless attacks were incredibly successful in turning the unquestioningly loyal College administration and Human Rights Advisor against me. He placed all of his chips on an extraordinary gamble – a recklessly juvenile bluff that the intervening decade has since proven to be utterly without substance, evidence or merit.
  3. Update Sept. 17, 2017: Back in 2008, universities and colleges did not fall under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Ombudsman. That changed on January 1, 2016. The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman now has the power to investigate complaints about Ontario universities and colleges. To file a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman, you can use their simple and straightforward online form at this link.
  4. Update Sept. 17, 2017: It wasn’t until nine years later when I attempted to submit a Freedom of Information request to George Brown College, that I discovered that my email address had been blocked across the entire College. The documentation eventually revealed through that Freedom of Information request confirmed this to be the case, done at the behest of the College and theatre school administration.