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June 19, 2018. Intermission Magazine article by Christine Brubaker and Jennifer Wigmore.

Actor training in Canada: an appeal for change

March 4, 2018. The Varsity (University of Toronto Student Newspaper) article by Maighdlin Mahoney.

Learning the business: education and the Weinstein complex
Note: this article states that “the first accusations from a former student appeared in February 2017.” Although this is when allegations first appeared publicly, George Brown theatre students had brought their concerns forward to the College administration more than a decade earlier.

February 3, 2018. The Toronto Star article by Karen Fricker.

Five ways to fix Canada’s theatre schools

January 27, 2018. The Dialog (GBC Student Newspaper) article by Steve Cornwell.

Former students call on theatre school to change its act

January 18, 2018. The Journal (Queen’s University Student Newspaper) article by Vishmayaa Jeyamoorthy.

Why #MeToo matters for Canadian theatre

Note: this article incorrectly states that George Brown theatre students came forward at the same time that the revelations regarding Albert Schultz at Soulpepper were made public. In fact, George Brown theatre school students came forward more than a decade prior.

January 12, 2018. Patrick Cieslar interviewed by Kelly Cutrara, Global News Radio AM 640.

George Brown Theatre School facing complaints from former students

January 12, 2018. The Toronto Star article by Michele Henry and Bruce DeMara.

George Brown Theatre School teacher left job after ex-student alleged inappropriate sexual comments

January 12, 2018. CBC article by Ieva Lucs.

Former George Brown theatre students allege they were humiliated, abused by faculty

January 9, 2018. She Does The City article by Kaitlin Morrow, Class of 2008.

Time’s Up: My Experience At George Brown Theatre School

March 21, 2017. Intermission Magazine article by Maija Kappler. National Theatre School CEO Gideon Arthurs quoted in regards to George Brown allegations: “What that story was about is simply unacceptable. It can’t be allowed to exist. It’s a hangover from a patriarchal age.”

Changes are Coming to the National Theatre School of Canada

March 1, 2017. NOW Magazine article by Glenn Sumi. Interview with Twitter user “PhantomOfTheTarragon” including question about naming alleged perpetrator.

Anonymous Toronto Theatre Twitter User Is Generating Offstage Buzz

February 17, 2017. Intermission Magazine article by Megan Robinson describing her experiences at George Brown Theatre School. Numerous further allegations follow in the comment section from former George Brown students and other artists from across the performing arts community.

Confessions From Theatre School

Update: March 10, 2018: All of the comments to Megan’s article have since been removed by Intermission Magazine. An archived PDF version of the article with the comments can be downloaded here:

Confessions From Theatre School (PDF Capture August 3, 2017)

March 28, 2012. The Eyeopener article by Jeff Lagerquist. Includes mentions of abuse allegations at George Brown Theatre School.

RTS Professor Accused of Verbal Abuse