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Stories from former or current students or instructors at George Brown Theatre School can be submitted to the encrypted email service at this address:

Emails will be held in strict confidence. Your contact information will never be shared with any third parties. Only the content of your story and your chosen display name will be shared on this website. Please specify how you would like your name to appear on your page. Pseudonyms and anonymous posts are welcome. Stories that have already been shared in other forums are also welcome. will work with you collaboratively to ensure that your story is heard in your unique voice. Each story will be presented on its own dedicated page. Stories need not be submitted in standard written narrative format. Poetry, scripts, dance, music, song, visual art, spoken word and (of course) theatrical performance, are all welcome. Embedded YouTube videos or other media featuring your story can be included on your page. In-person interviews can also be arranged.

Not sure where to start? Consider sharing details of what you experienced and witnessed. Consider sharing how you felt in the moment and over time. Consider what words you would like to share with the next generation. Consider sharing your vision for a brighter future.

Share Your Message Of Support

Messages of support are also welcome and can be submitted by email to:

Please specify how you would like your name, title and/or the name of your organization to appear.

Safe Space Protocol hopes that the content shared here will spark ongoing discussion and debate about abuse, harassment and discrimination in the performing arts. It is not, however, the purpose of this website to host those debates.

The purpose of this website is to provide former and current students and instructors of George Brown Theatre School with a safe public forum to share their experiences.

No content that diminishes or degrades the lived experiences of former or current students will be published on this website.

Any contributor may request the modification or removal of their posting at any time. reserves the right to remove any content at any time.

Names of Alleged Perpetrators and Employees of George Brown College

In submitting your story by email, you are welcome to identify people by name. In the interest of maintaining continuity of service and avoiding legal challenges to this website, however, real names will be replaced with pseudonyms. Efforts will be made to apply a unique and consistent pseudonym to perpetrators identified across multiple stories.

Students and Professionals at Other Institutions

Your voice is important too. It has become clear that issues of abuse, harassment and discrimination are not confined to George Brown Theatre School. They appear to be very serious, entrenched and endemic problems throughout the performing arts. This website will be happy to host a page for community ally stories. Please consider submitting your story or message of support to: