Freedom of Information Requests

As a public institution, George Brown College is subject to Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Consequently, you have the right to request information and records held by George Brown College. You can request information even if you attended many years ago. This includes internal and external correspondence to, from and about you. It also includes any of your previous evaluation reports and any correspondence with the College about you by guest instructors.

Anyone can make a Freedom of Information request. You do not have to be a former student. To protect privacy, there are limitations to the types of information that you can request and obtain. For example, you cannot obtain someone else’s personal records and no one else can obtain your personal records.FOI Template

To make a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request:

  1. Download this Freedom of Information Request template.
  2. Fill in your contact information and replace any of the red text (change the font colour back to black). Feel free to depart from the wording provided. Your request does not need to be in any formal legal language.
  3. Print off the form.
  4. Sign and date the form.
  5. Write a cheque for the $5 application fee made payable to George Brown College. This fee is a standard formality for making a Freedom of Information request to any institution in Ontario. FOI request application fees cannot be submitted electronically.
  6. Mail your cheque and FOI Request form to:
  7. Olga Dosis
    FOI Coordinator
    160 Kendall Ave, Room C221B
    P.O. Box 1015, Station B
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5T 2T9

If you are unable to write a cheque, indicate in the request form that you will make payment in person. The FOI Coordinator should arrange the details of this with you after receiving your request.

The FOI Coordinator has 30 calendar days upon receipt of your request to reply. Depending on the scope of your request, you may receive a processing fee estimate by mail within this time period. The processing fee estimate will tell you how much the FOI Coordinator anticipates it will cost to access the records you have requested. The FOI Coordinator will also likely tell you whether there may be any anticipated challenges or legal limitations to accessing the records you have requested. You may be required to make a payment for the processing fee. The processing fee cheque can be sent to the same address as above (unless directed otherwise) and made payable to George Brown College. You may wish to modify your request to reduce your processing fee. Modifications can be discussed with the FOI Coordinator. If a large volume of records is requested, the FOI Coordinator may request a time extension to properly fulfill the request.

This information is intended as a guideline only and was written by the creator of this site, not George Brown College. Your Freedom of Information request may proceed differently.

Click here for further information about making a Freedom of Information request.