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April 8, 2008. Document compiled by Patrick Cieslar and delivered to all faculty members at George Brown Theatre School as well as many senior administrators at George Brown College, including the President of the College and every member of the Board of Governors. This document was also delivered to numerous prominent organizations within the Canadian theatre community. “A Legacy of Trauma” includes allegations from former George Brown Theatre School students ranging from mark-rigging, to sexual harassment, psychological abuse and physical assault.

2008 04 08 A Legacy of Trauma

January 29, 2007. Original letter from Patrick Cieslar to Human Rights Advisor of George Brown College. Outlines concerns ranging from discrimination against people with disabilities, to overt racism, harassment, tampering with transcripts, misleading marketing, unqualified delivery of medical directives, and draconian attendance policies. Includes list of 20 recommendations.

2007 01 29 Letter to Human Rights Advisor

The Ontario Sunshine List is published annually by the Province of Ontario and includes the names and salaries of public sector employees earning more than $100,000 per year. Several George Brown College employees of primary relevance to this website appear regularly on this list. Allegations of harassment at George Brown Theatre School were first brought to the College’s attention in 2001. The chart below provides estimated total earnings of prominent George Brown College personnel during the period of 2001-2017, based on data obtained and extrapolated from the Ontario Sunshine List. The salaries of specific individuals can be searched by name at

Position Est. TOTAL Earnings (2001-2017)
President (College) $5.0 Million
Dean (Faculty) $2.5 Million
Human Rights Advisor (College) $1.8 Million
Artistic Director (Theatre School) $1.6 Million
Lead Faculty (Theatre School) $1.6 Million

According to its own financial statements, approximately half of all of George Brown College’s revenue is obtained directly through student tuition and other student fees.